• Programs can be developed or modified to meet the needs of each student
  • Available during and after school hours for students and school agencies
  • Use scientifically-based research methods and materials to remediate basic skills
  • Knowledge of specialized strategies to accommodate diverse learners
  • Specialized multi-sensory training for:

1. Decoding and encoding skills (reading & spelling) aka. Orton Gillingham instruction

2. Dual coding skills for comprehension issues

a. Talkies

for Oral Language, Comprehension and Expression – ideal for preschool child or child with Autism

b. Visualization and Verbalization

for Language Comprehension and Thinking (dual coding – the imagery-language connection that underlies comprehension and thinking

c. Spelling Instruction – Fernold Method

Systematic, multi-sensory approach incorporates use of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile (VAKT) modalities simultaneously


d. Mathematics

      1. math calculation
      2. reasoning tasks
      3. word problems
      4. numeric abilities

Math strategies depend on child’s cognitive processes: verbal retention, language levels, executive functioning, visual-spatial and working memory skills


3. Use specialized training when more traditional methods have failed