Since 1993

Hello. My name is Regina Birchler, M.A., LDT/C, NCED (0532)

The goal of a Learning Consultant is to assist your family and school personnel in any educational questions and needs that may arise. Helping students grasp subject matter and attain needed skills will contribute to their development into mature, able and responsible adults as well as helping boost their self-esteem at the present time.

Working with children and young adults by identifying their unique strengths and weaknesses in both environments (schools and private practice) is my role as a Learning Consultant. My help as an educational consultant should provide the information you need and calm any anxieties you may have concerning educational difficulties.

During my extensive educational career I have worked in both regular and special education classrooms from pre-school through higher education. Also, in a consultant capacity, I have provided services to parents and students, school personnel and community groups on educational issues. For those individuals not eligible for Special Education services under IDEA, I have evaluated and completed 504/ADA plans which provide accommodations and modifications to individuals “substantially” impacted in a “major life activity”. Evaluation of young adult and adult clients who need modifications for “High Stakes Testing” (i.e., SAT’s, Praxis and Driver’s Tests) is within the realm of the Learning Consultant.

I look forward to assisting you and can help with any virtual learning regression issues.